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mya and rams natural blends
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Elderberry syrup has been used for centuries as a preventative home remedy for colds and flu. This homemade syrup helps to prevent but also reduce the severity and duration of viruses, when they do strike. Our blend  of organic ingredients gives your body that immune boost that it needs during these times.

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Applying Essential Oil

One of the most commonly known essential oils in aromatherapy is lavender oil. It is known for its calming effects on the body and mind, as well as its ability to lessen anxiety/stress. This is one of the main ingredients in our Calm essential oil roller.

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As a holistic shopper myself, I know how important credibility and quality are to you. That’s why I take great pride in sharing the stories behind all the products you love in our shop

At Mya + Rams Natural Blends, you can shop with confidence knowing that I’ve hand-selected each and every ingredient used in our products.

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"My mission is to consistently expand my 

product line and improve my all- natural 

homemade recipes. Each batch is made with love and intention with quality organic ingredients. I would have achieved my life's purpose if one or more of my products is able to take you one step closer to overall wellness. My long-term vision is for my small shop to one day be stocked with all the must haves for mind, body & home that can help you achieve wellness, enrich your mind and feed your soul."

                                      -Miguelina, Owner

mya + rams Natural Blends and More...
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